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Click on the Satellites tab to access the satellites meetings.

In this section you can now do the following searches:

  • By clicking the tab "Main Room" you can find the link of the Zoom Room to attend all activities that are single events for the entire audience, i.e. plenary lectures, lightning lectures, special sessions, etc.
  • By clicking the tab "Parallel Sessions" you find the links to attend the 6 parallel sessions
  • By clicking the tab "Schedule" you can see the detailed schedule of the meeting, and create your own personal schedule, which will be stored in the tab "MySchedule"
  • By clicking the tab "Invited Speakers" you can see the profiles of the plenary and invited speakers of the Conference
  • By clicking the tab "Posters" you can see the location and posters together with all the information provided by the author (zoom link, video, etc.)
  • By clicking the tab "People" you can see profiles of attendants who have filled their profiles for this meeting. You can create or edit your own profile in the tab "MyTab"
  • By clicking the tab "Gather" you are led to any of the 6 Gather rooms created for attendants to get together for discussions.


  • All times in CCS2020 are always GMT times
  • There is a chat service in all areas, at the lower right hand side corner. Please use it for real time help
  • Lectures may be recorded. By clicking on the zoom links and participating in the zoom sessions you give your consent to this.


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