Instructions to Authors

Oral Presentations (12'+3')

Talks for the parallel sessions will last 15 minutes total (12 min presentation+ 3 minutes for questions. There are two options for these talks:
- Live presentations
- Pre-recorded presentations (with live Q&A during the session)

All speakers have the choice between these two options.
The pre-recorded option has many advantages: it minimizes connection problems, allows you to respect the times and let you focus on the questions that attendees will ask on the chat during the talk.

If you choose the pre-recorded option, please prepare a 12 min. video with your recorded contribution. Please, do not send it to us. You will plan to show it yourself by "share screen" at the exact time of your presentation.

Poster Presentations

A CCS2020 virtual poster shall consist of the following elements:
- The usual PDF of the poster
- An optional short introduction video (max 3 minutes)
- A Google Jamboard for you to set up and that attendees can use to comment on the poster (see a playable example here
- A private Zoom meeting that you (the poster presenter) will host and that attendees can join for usual Q&A *

Please prepare and upload (using the form mentioned below):
- The PDF file of your poster (we do not impose size requirements, but we recommend a landscape page orientation for better rendering on PC monitors)
- The link for the optional short video (you decide where to upload it, e.g. YouTube, etc.)
- The link to your scheduled Zoom meeting (the meeting time can be adjusted as the program becomes available) *
- The link to your jamboard

When ready, submit your file using this Google form:
Please name your files starting with the ID of your contribution
(for example: 540_Smith.pdf)

You will need to have a google account to upload the above.
If you don't have a google account you may want to create one for free,
or else, send the above to us by email (

Deadline: November 30

Please note that we cannot guarantee posters sent after this deadline to be part of the conference.

* You are required to schedule the Zoom meeting and be available for the whole duration of the session (40 min.) in which the poster is allocated.
Please refer to for how to schedule a meeting with Zoom. If you don’t have a Zoom account, please sign up for the free plan here

The final schedule is on the website:

*** useful resources ***

Here is a list of tutorials for recording using various software:

- Record a slide show in PowerPoint
- Local recording with Zoom
- How to record the screen of your Mac
- How to screen record for free with Open Broadcaster Software
- The 7 Basic Steps for Recording Your Presentation Slides

Lightning / Ignite Presentations (5' video)

Since your presentation is oral without any questions/answers, it is best that you pre-record your presentation in a movie (film) of duration of 5 minutes, and you send it to us by email or upload it (e.g. in Google Drive) and send us the link.

Please make sure that the total duration does not exceed the allotted period of 5 minutes. Your movie should be in Landscape mode, and not in Portrait mode. It is recommended to follow the technical instructions below for the preparation of the movie. Please check your movie carefully before you send it to us and make sure it is easily attended. We will then show your movie during the Lightning period for you, without your intervention.

Please prepare the movie and send it to us by November 25.

Technical recommendations:

mp4, 1080p
Format: Η.264
Width: 1920px
Height: 1080px
Bitrate: 1,5 Mbps
Maximum bitrate: 3 Mbps
Field Order: Progressive
Frame rate: 25000fps
Sample rate: 44100kHz
Bitrate: 128 kbps






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