Daqing Li

Daqing Li
Beihang University


Professor Li Daqing (Beihang University, China), is a recipient of the National Natural Science Foundation for Excellent Young Scholars. He is now combining the methods from the field of complex systems to the domain of urban science and achieved a series of innovative results. By using real-world traffic data and concept from statistical physics, we proposed an evaluation metric based on percolation theory for determining traffic reliability (2015, PNAS); the spatio-temporal propagation of congestion (Nature Communications, 2016); the existence of a crossover between different percolation patterns in the real traffic of Beijing and Shenzhen (2018, PNAS); the recovery behavior of traffic from congestion is governed by three scaling laws at all scales of congestions (2019, PNAS); urban traffic can show multi-state behavior and hysteresis (2020, PNAS).

Research Interest

Urban science; Complex system; Resilience; Machine learning





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